Diet regime Medications: Why They Work

Have you ever wished for a magic pill to make you leaner. Forget being a excess fat and calorie counter. Simply pop a pill and watch the pounds come off. Well there are weight loss pills that don't actually promise to melt pounds away, nevertheless they can help some over weight people curb the desire to overeat.

Several drugs don't just help to take the weight off. With long-term use they can in fact keep the weight off.

These medications help control the impulse to overindulge by increasing the of certain brain chemicals, serotonin and norepinephrine. These send appetite-signal receptors in the brain a message of being full and satisfaction.

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Before asking your physician for a phenq prescription, you should be sure to are a likely prospect for these drugs. They are mainly reserved for individuals who are considered at least 35 pounds overweight but additionally have a history of failing at diets. Losing weight without medications is always the best way. There are instances were doctors will prescribe these medications for folks who are less than 30 pounds overweight but whose weight is a major contributor to a serious medical problem like diabetes.

For people who fit this criteria, the most commonly used drugs are fenfluramine and phentermine, approved together and commonly known as fen-phen. Both drugs work individually. But by recommending both to a person they reduce the others side effects. Fenfluramine is somewhat of a relaxing and phentermine acts as a stimulant.

As for the side effects, two out of three people who take the fen-phen blend develop dry mouth, and fewer than 20 per cent experience constipation, nausea, drowsiness, headaches, excitability, or immediate memory loss.

The FDA approves the use of fenfluramine and phentermine for up to 12 several weeks of continued use for obese people. However, doctors have been very amazed with the results of the fen-phen mixture and have been utilizing it for longer periods of time with patients.

This medications do not melt off the fat with out there you doing any work, Even while taking these drugs, one has to keep their fat intake at less than 30 percent of calories and exercise regularly.